Scholarships – A vision becomes a realty

It was Joan Kroc’s vision to provide all individuals with equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts & talents. The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is pleased to partner with Refreshment Services Pepsi to provide this scholarship program helping provide access to The Kroc Center.

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Refreshment Services Pepsi Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by donations and helps provide access to memberships for those who might not be able to afford them. Scholarships are available in amounts of 25%, 50%, and 75%. No full scholarships awarded. 

Jo Kirlin Benevolent Scholarship Logo

Jo Kirlin Benevolent Scholarship

This Kroc Center scholarship works in association with the Refreshment Services (RS) Pepsi scholarship fund. The RS Pepsi Fund will be used to cover the traditional amount of the scholarship (up to 75%). However, the amount the recipient should pay shall be underwritten by the funds donated to the JKB Scholarship fund. Therefore, the recipient will NOT be required to pay any portion of the membership fee for the membership year the JKB Scholarship is awarded. This is an annual scholarship.

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Fine Arts Scholarships

Al Beck Scholarship for Creative Activity

Created through a fund generously founded by a dedicated Kroc Center member, retired college professor and author, Al Beck. The scholarship was developed to help children engage in creativity by providing 25% and 50% scholarships for specific education and fine arts classes. 

The Patty Douglas Scholarship

An education and fine arts scholarship, honoring former Development Director Patty Douglas who retired in 2021, will soon be available. Information regarding qualifications and application process will be released soon.

How to Apply for a Kroc Center Scholarship

Applications are available at The Quincy Kroc Center Control Desk.

1. Fill out the application and guidelines.

2. Complete your scholarship application at The Kroc Center.
Attach all household income verification documents (see below) to your completed application.

3. Submit your application.
Completed application, with copies of your household income documents, may be submitted to The Control Desk.

Please note:

• Kroc Center scholarship applications are accepted based on availability and applicant eligibility.

• The Salvation Army Kroc Center does not grant 100% scholarships.

• Scholarships are awarded for a 12-month period. You will then be required to reapply with updated financial information.

• Please provide copies of all documents. We cannot accept originals of financial information. See the box below for acceptable and unacceptable forms of income verification.

• Scholarships in the Illinois Kroc Center are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis and are subject to a waiting list.

Income Verification for Scholarships:

Applications received will be reviewed in 4-6 weeks and must be submitted with the following proof of income:


Provide all that apply:

• Social Security Administration Letter

• Unemployment Statement

• Retirement

• Pension

• TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)

• Foster Care Subsidiary Letter

• Student Loan Disbursement Letter

• Child Support

• Alimony

• Any other income that pays expenses


• Cash Assistance (FIP, RCA)

• Housing Assistance (HAP)

• Food Assistance (FAP, SNAP)


• Two consecutive pay stubs for EACH wage earner, showing gross income.

• A copy of Federal tax return Form 1040

NOT Acceptable for Income Verification for Scholarships:

• Bank statements

• Food stamp income

• Single pay check stub (must provide

 at least two)

• W–2 form

• Personal letters

How to Renew Your Scholarship

All Kroc Center scholarship recipients must re-apply at the end of their awarded year. Scholarship recipients will receive a letter regarding the deadline for renewal application submission with the required application enclosed. The household income, residency and dependency copies must be updated and submitted each year. All renewal applications submitted by the stated deadline will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by mail within 60 days of submission.


Contact us at [email protected] | 217-222-5762

Please note that we can not respond to calls while we are making decisions on applications. If you have not received notification about your scholarship via mail after 60 days, please contact us.

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