Educating the Adults of Tomorrow

The Kroc Center is committed to building a strong community, and that starts with educating the adults of tomorrow. The Kroc’s youth programs combine developmental learning, mentorship, team building and more in a fun atmosphere where kids will feel comfortable learning, being active and making new friends.

Jakin Logsdon

Youth Development & Outreach Specialist


Abigail Rumple

Youth Development Coordinator


Youth Ministry Forms & Applications

Open to campers grades K–6th and 7–12th (CITs)

Summer Day Camp

June 5-Aug 11
MON-FRI, 7am-7pm

Summer is back and better than ever! Camp Kroc offers a safe and loving Christ-centered environment to learn and grow in. Campers LOVE the new experiences, lasting friendships, and lifetime memories made each and every year. 

-Supervised by trained and certified day camp staff

-Free summer lunch program and snack

-Aquatic Center, gym, and interactive game room

– Hands-on learning

-Parks and field trips

-Engaging Bible lesson and mission literacy

-Camp games, music lessons, and much more!

Scholarships and discounts available.

Camp Kroc Preview Night

Wednesday, May 17 | 5:30-6:30pm

Come to our preview night to check out what’s in store for our summer day camp and get your questions answered by the leads.

2023 Registration Opens Monday, March 13

How to Register

Parents and guardians must purchase the first week in person at The Kroc Center to complete the paperwork. Additional weeks can be purchased online by clicking here.

Camp Kroc Statement of Belief

The Camp Kroc program provides children of all ability levels the opportunity to play and grow in a positive and safe environment. We strive to develop the whole child, mentally, physically and emotionally through structured group activities that aid in socialization, character development, and increased self–worth.

Camp Kroc is proud of our inclusive environment, one that strives to accommodate every child. No child will, on the basis of race, color, religious belief, national origin or gender, be excluded from participation, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any Salvation Army program or activity.

In an effort to fully embrace inclusion and acceptance of all, we believe that every child can:

-make friends
-participate and get involved
-develop new skills and interests
-be successful and gain confidence
-make decisions and solve problems
-assume leadership roles

Click here to see the full Guardian Guide

Behavior Expectations

Our programs strive to offer every child, regardless of ability, the opportunity to participate in recreational activities that are both fun and educational, providing campers with the chance to learn new skills, foster relationships, and build self-confidence. Our staff work to create a positive environment that is free from discrimination or other factors that may prohibit campers from having an enjoyable or safe experience at The Kroc Center. 

Every child deserves to have a positive experience at The Kroc Center, free from peer pressure, excessive negativity, and any other behavior that unfavorably affects his/her self-esteem and/or ability to fully participate in activities. We take bullying, of any kind, very seriously. Staff members are trained in utilizing constructive discipline techniques to create a positive environment that welcomes growth and learning. Our perspective on discipline is to teach not punish as we strive for the children to learn.

With each new camper that joins Camp Kroc, staff members and campers discuss the rules and expectations of the program as we believe in a proactive and preventative approach. All rules and expectations are posted in the Green Room and used to create an environment that fosters openness, respect, and fun as children thrive creatively within a structured system. 

Click here to see the Guardian Guide for Disciplinary Progression

Camp Kroc Rules

Rules are very important because they guide the way the whole group interacts and plays together. The rules for Camp Kroc are simple for the campers to remember; however, more specific rules can be easily incorporated into our four designated rules.

  1. Love Others
    John 15:12 says, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” This rule sets a precedence to come at every situation or to every individual with love. It teaches that we are all deserving and worthy of giving or receiving love. Children hear the message of, “You are loved. You are good. You are enough.” This allows the children to value others with kindness, respect, honor, and compassion.
  2. Be Safe
    This rule adds needed structure to the entire group to help protect campers from injuries; as well as, allow us to care for the camper in a direct way due to campers hearing the message, “You are safe. You will be taken care of.” Keeping this rule prominent in our groups, helps us establish a caring environment for our campers.
  3. Stay Together
    This rule helps to keep all of the campers engaged with each other while focusing on the here and now. It also provides the important message of, “You are important and connected to this group.” Staying together helps the camper feel noticed and valued because there is talk about missing a camper that is absent or not starting an activity until every camper is ready. This allows each camper to know that they will not be forgotten or excluded.
  4. Have Fun
    We want our campers to just have fun because it brings joy to their lives and allows their experiences to be more impactful. Joy gives us the opportunity to connect while building relationships, overcoming challenges, and gaining new experiences. This makes the experiences of Camp Kroc lasting and far-reaching. This also gives campers the message that their feelings and happiness are important.
What to Bring

Campers should be prepared for active play. Campers are required to wear socks and closed-toed shoes. Outside snaps, buttons, or ties are not recommended as they may catch during play. Skirts or dresses inhibit movement and are discouraged. Please send a child in clothing and footwear that they can put on without assistance. Campers go outside daily, please include a labeled bag, water bottle, and sunblock.

Field Trips
To attend an off-campus field trip, campers are required to wear a Camp Kroc t-shirt, socks, and closed-toe shoes every Friday. Campers without the appropriate attire will stay back at the Kroc Center in the Ledge with the Game Room Attendant. They will rejoin their small group upon return. Camp Kroc t-shirts will be distributed beginning the first week of Camp Kroc on a first-come, first-serve basis. Specific sizes may not be available. If this shirt is lost, you may wear an already owned or purchase a new Camp Kroc t-shirt from a previous year for $5 while supplies last. Contact the Coordinator and Specialist for this transaction.

Campers will have the opportunity to utilize the Aquatic Center and Splash Pad Monday through Friday. Pack a labeled swim bag, swimsuit, and towel. Campers may bring their own goggles or ear plugs. Campers without the necessary items will be in the Ledge with the Game Room Attendant in lieu of swimming.

Campers should bring a labeled backpack or bag to carry all of their belongings and to bring their projects back home. Bags will be hung on the coatrack in the Green Room Hallway next to the Worship Theater.  

Sack Lunch & Water Bottle
Bring a labeled sack lunch when the FREE Summer Lunch Program is not in session or if you prefer a meal different from what is scheduled that day. The monthly lunch menu gets pinned at the top of the Kroc Youth Development Facebook Group for easy reference. The school only offers substitutes out of medical necessity. A doctor’s note is required to receive the alternative food or drink. 

See the Guardian Guide for a list of what NOT to bring

Open to grades K–6th and 7–12th (CITs)

After-School Program

Take the home out of homework!

The Kroc Center takes after-school care to a whole new level! Every day children can enjoy exceptional homework assistance, snack, free play, a planned activity, and time in our interactive game room.

Always supervised! Daily snack, homework assistance, and game room.

After-school transportation provided for Quincy area schools.

Weekly, M–F

Kroc Academy provides new and exciting experiences that encourages children to be lifelong learners committed to exploring the world around them! Includes:

Monday – Interactive Bible and Music Lessons

Tuesday – Sports + Fitness

Wednesday – Character Building

Thursday – S.T.E.A.M. or Park

Friday – Swimming

Kroc Member

Non Members

Open to grades K–6th and 7–12th (CITs)

Day Camp

When school’s NOT in session!

School’s Out Day Camp (SODC) is a Christian day camp that gives children the opportunity to engage in fun-filled activities in a safe and positive environment. The Kroc Center’s SODC promotes the development of the whole child through structured group activities to improve socialization and boost self-confidence.

Daily, 7am–7pm

Always supervised. Pack a snack lunch!

Your child will enjoy:

Aquatic Center
Interactive game room
Camp Games
Art, science, & discovery
Free play, movie
Engaging Bible lesson
Snacks are provided

Upcoming 2023 Dates

Friday, April 7
Monday, April 10

Kroc Member

Non Members

Open to Pre K–12th

Weekly Character Building

Ends May 10, 2023 | Resumes Aug 23

Held every Wednesday, when school is in session. Please register at The Kroc’s Control Desk.

Join us to worship, study, and seek to share Jesus’ love together. We build character, relationships, and learn the importance of morality.

$5 Annual Activity Emblem Fee
$5 Optional Troop T-Shirt Fee
$10 Optional Award Sash

Kick Back | 2:30–4pm

After-school fun including snack, homework help, and free play in our interactive game room: The Ledge. Grades Pre K-12. Held in Meadows A and The Ledge.

Troops | 4–5pm

Moonbeams | Pre- K

Children learn to help others, do their best, be kind and good, and grow more like Jesus while earning emblems that teach a variety of new talents.

Boys & Girls
Pre K–Kindergarten
Green Room


Girls develop skills and talents that reflect the love of God in order to grow into strong, ambitious and capable young ladies that display honesty, kindness, courage and knowledge so they can do what is right.

Grades 1–5
Bluffs Rooms

Adventure Corps – Explorers

Boys explore God’s Word and God’s world, while developing new skills, talents, and habits that earn them emblems and prepare them for an adventure with Christ.

Grades 1–5
Sandbars A & B

Girl Guards

Young women develop skills and talents to grow spiritually, mentally, physically and socially while earning emblems for their accomplishments.

Young Women
Grades 6–12
Bluffs A

Adventure Corps – Rangers

Young men go through a series of achievement awards and levels that help to develop their individuality and potential physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.

Young Men
Grades 6–12
Bluffs B

Group Meal | 5–5:30pm

K.R.O.C Kids: Divine Service
Sunday, May 14 | 10:30am
During our Worship Service, the K.R.O.C Kids character building troops are presented in their uniforms, awarded their emblems, and share their Singing Company Performance. It is a morning of recognition to celebrate the children’s efforts and accomplishments.

Counselor in Training (CITs)

Calling all youth interested in enriching your days and being a part of an unforgettable experience!

Counselors in Training will receive all of the benefits that come with the program as well as hands-on training, mentoring, and leadership development.

Limited CIT positions available.

Submit your registration for review. Approved CIT applicants will receive a call with more information.

Open to grades 7th–12th

50% OFF:
Kroc Academy
School’s Out Day Camp
Camp Kroc

Ken Bigelow Kids’ Day
at Camp Saukenauk

Saturday, July 22 | 9am–1pm

$5 Refundable deposit due at registration. Preregistration required.

Kids will enjoy swimming, row boating, fishing, and hiking. Meet at The Kroc Center at 8am. Snack, drinks, & cookout provided! Transportation provided. Brought to you by Quincy Noon Kiwanis Club and The Salvation Army.

Questions? Please call Youth Development Specialist Jakin Logsdon at 217-231-5667.

The Ledge Game Room

Welcome to The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center’s FREE interactive game room, The Ledge! The Ledge is designed as a positive space for our community. Our goal is to be a safe place that offers engagement, connection, and opportunity. We are dedicated to welcoming all and displaying the love of Jesus Christ. Our game room provides guests of all ability levels the chance to play and grow in a welcoming, encouraging, and friendly environment. We strive to develop the whole person, mentally, physically, and emotionally through activities that aid in reinforcing socialization, sportsmanship, self-worth, and respect. Hours vary. Click for details.

The Ledge is proud of its inclusive environment that strives to accommodate every guest. 


• Sign in on the check-in sheet

• Be entered in at the Kiosk

• Complete an annual waiver

General Game Room Policies

Age Requirement

Guests must be at least 12 years old to use The Ledge without a parent/guardian present. Children younger than 12 must have a relative (i.e. sibling or parent) 15 or older supervising them. Parent supervision is not required for members with children 8-11 years old, these children must check-in at the Control Desk and receive an arm band. The parent/guardian is required to stay in the facility. Parents with younger children, without available supervision, are encouraged to look into options at Huck’s Hideout.


As this is a family room, clothing with explicit logos or words/sayings will not be permitted. Guests must dress modestly. No swim wear is allowed. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Guests may only remove shoes while actively playing Eye Play. Socks are required to be worn when playing Eye Play.

Personal Belongings

Roller blades, bikes, and scooters are not allowed in The Kroc Center for any amount of time. All personal belongings, backpacks or gym bags, must be stored out of the way of other guests. Balls of any kind are never allowed to be brought into The Ledge. To grant access, balls must stay outside of The Ledge or be placed in The Ledge closet.


Any guest vandalizing the facility in any manner (kicking, hitting, writing, etc.) will be removed immediately. Guests may also be held financially responsible for any damages.

Equipment Use

Guests who intentionally break game equipment (controllers, etc.) will be charged for the replacement of the equipment and will not be allowed to use The Ledge Game Room until the charges are paid in full.

Snacks & Drinks

Snacks and drinks are permitted in The Ledge in designated areas only. Designated areas include the counter top and the table. No food or drinks near the game systems or on the floor. Please keep the space neat and tidy or use the Café tables outside of the game room. Hands need to be washed prior to resuming play.

Game Rotation

Game rotation is at the discretion of the Youth Development Assistant supervising The Ledge; however, it should appear as fair as possible. Game rotations should only occur when the game room is full. If there are more open games than guests present, rotation is not necessary.

Rotation options include:
• At the end of a race
• After each battle
• Once character has lost/died
• Every 20-minutes with the timer set to ring


Guests must be seated with the controllers to avoid dropping and damaging them. Tipping in chairs is not allowed as it can weaken the legs of the seat. Feet are not allowed on table tops or the counter of the gaming cabinet.

Abusive Behavior

Guests exhibiting abusive behavior, either verbally or physically, toward a fellow guest or employee will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Vulgar language will not be tolerated.  There is to be no horseplay in The Ledge.

Church Camp – Info coming Spring 2023

Camp Mihaska is The Salvation Army’s divisional Christian summer camp located in Bourbon, Missouri.

Activities include, but not limited to:

• Swimming
• Fishing
• Row Boating
• Climbing Tower & Zip Line
• High & Low Ropes Course
• Archery
• Sand Volleyball
• Putt Putt Golf

Late registration only available if space permits and must be accompanied with special permission. Call Jakin at 217.231.5667 for more information. 

Bring all immunization records, insurance card, and payment. 
Children with medication or food allergies will require a doctor’s signature.

Contact Youth Development Specialist Jakin Logsdon regarding registration 217-231-5667